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Student Feedback

Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies magazine

“This course is truly life-changing. It introduces the building blocks of mindfulness and meditation and encourages you to create daily healthy habits for the mind which helps dramatically reduce anxiety and stress and build self-awareness and resilience. Nick Scaramanga guides the group with a humble, but extremely wise take on what it means to be truly content. This is an 8 week course, which invites you to step back from the nonsense in your head, and build a new connection with yourself and others. I highly recommend it.”


David Thomas

"Nick is an inspirational and engaging instructor, his wisdom, support and guidance, have made a real difference to my life."

Kelly Douce

"My meditation journey was to become a less anxious version of myself, as I was living with anxiety that required medication due to how severe it had become.

Being an NHS worker working through lockdown presented me with panic attacks due to being so scared I would catch Covid and pass it on to my family and vulnerable patients. Sitting in the car having a panic attack outside a patient's house, too scared I would pass this deadly virus onto them but also battling with fact that they needed me, they needed the insulin I was required to administer as they were unable to that themselves. Going home scared to cuddle my husband and sons in case I caught it from work and passing it onto them, the guilt would make me feel sick. I spoke to my GP and he prescribed some anxiety medication and arranged for CBT therapy, the therapy really helped with the panic attacks not so much the anxiety so I looked into meditation and contacted Nick and waited until the classes were to be face to face, as I had tried meditation online but found the breathing exercises made me panic.

I have just completed my 8 week wellbeing meditation course and my journey has  been quite simply life changing. Medication I was taking daily for my anxiety I have only needed on one day in the 8 weeks. The breathing exercises that used to make me panic are now the tool I use when I feel panicky. Nick I really want to say Thank you, you have supported me through  my journey and I am so grateful, knowing I was scared of the breathing exercises your support was wonderful. Meditation is now part off my life and I quite simply love the new less anxious version off myself...I am booking the next course in January and really looking forward to learning more" 

Chris Horton, Head of Wellbeing & Outreach, St Peter & St James Hospice

"Nick kindly supported our staff and volunteers during the Coronavirus lockdown by providing an 8-week online course in mindfulness. In feedback 90% of respondents agreed the course had positively impacted their wellbeing and all respondents said they would be continuing with their meditation practice. We were very grateful for his support during a most challenging time for all."

Catrin Ingham

"I came to this course not knowing what to expect. Over the 8 weeks I have learnt the value of mindfulness and meditation in quietening the mind and feeding the soul. Through Nick’s patient and attentive teachings, I was able to get in touch with parts of myself that had become dormant and start once more to appreciate the meaning and value of being “in the now”. Nick Scaramanga manages to impart not only knowledge from some of the great teachers but real support and enthusiasm for his students in the weekly meetings. I came away from the experience feeling truly enriched and a better person for it. I would recommend this course to anyone who is in need of rebalancing their life or simply wanting to find stillness within again. You won’t be disappointed!" 

Duncan Brown

"The past few years have proved quite turbulent, but these classes have proved to be a small oasis of calm in a troubled sea. Nick is a lovely tutor, he is warm, inclusive and informative. Just what is needed."

Sarah Moran

"We had sessions with Nick through work and they have been incredibly useful in being more mindful and helping with my stress levels during the Covid-19 pandemic"

 Mark Jeffreys

"Having just completed Nick’s 8-week meditation course I have found I’m more grounded and calm in my life. Nick has a calm and happy personality which comes through during the course.  He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to provide help and advice to those who need it. I really enjoyed the meditation and found it relaxing and put into practice on a regular basis. Overall I enjoyed the course and I’m in a far better place compared to 8 weeks ago...thank you Nick"

Paula Furmidge

"Nick's course was perfectly paced, I appreciated the gradual development of meditation skills. Beyond the course I am still meditating daily and reaping the profound benefits of increased equanimity. I am so glad I joined the course, it has certainly helped me in these challenging and changing times of pandemic and uncertainty. I am definitely committed to ongoing practice. Nick's presentation kept us all on board throughout, with his humour, passion for meditation and warm, inclusive style. I highly recommend giving it a go and changing your life for the better."

Josephine Creeves

"I found the course extremely useful in helping me to notice but not be overwhelmed by my 'brain chatter' and to become more attuned with my body senses. The meditations are varied and each brought me a new awareness and understanding of me and me in relationship with others. Really valuable experience and one that I am determined to continue to practice  thank you."

Sarah Brook

"I looked forward each week to the mindfulness sessions and Nick’s happy personality.  The course made be aware more of life around me and recognising how to move from stressful situations to calmness.  It taught me that life isn’t about rushing around but trying to enjoy each and every moment."

"Never having meditated before, I started the course with an open mind curious to see if it would benefit me in some way.   It has given me new skills to help fight stress, feel calmer, be happier in myself and feel more confident with what life can throw at me.  It is now easier to smile than not!"


"As someone who has often struggled in making effective use of meditation, I found that Nick's course has given me renewed confidence and I will definitely be looking to build on this very positive experience."


"Excellent course, already had some knowledge on meditation and mindfulness but the 8 mindful movements were new to me and the spiral body scan. A nice balance of interactivity and Nick was very approachable.  One needs to commit to the homework and meditations if thinking of doing this course and to continue the practice after as I intend to do. I hope I can use it in my role as a befriender as this could be useful for carers. Quite apart from helping me personally!  Nick was very generous with his time.  Would thoroughly recommend."


"I got a lot out of this course. The class sessions are informative and gently challenge one to become more self aware. The practical homework each week gradually leads to subtle, positive life changes. Thank you very much Nick."





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